Patient Information

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Regular dental examinations are very important as they allow us to monitor the health of your mouth and help to keep it free of tooth decay and gum disease. This can mean fewer fillings, less likelihood of toothache, more attractive teeth and a greater chance of keeping your own teeth for life.

As part of your dental examination, we perform a comprehensive assessment of the overall health of your
mouth, including each of the following areas. We are trying to keep you as healthy as possible so that you reduce your risks of future problems and treatment, and look and feel great.

At your Dental Health Assessment we will carry out the following:

– We examined your general dental health, including checking for signs of oral cancer.

– We addressed any concerns that you may have about your dental health.

– We addressed any concerns you may have about the appearance of your smile.

– We checked your teeth to see that they are healthy and strong, and looked for signs of decay.
– We checked your teeth for signs of wear, erosion and cracks.

– We checked that any fillings or other restorations are still strong and healthy, looking for signs of
leakage, cracks or tooth decay.

– We examined the position and bite of your teeth to check for any irregularities.